Anonymous: Lol your names dorely.. That's funny.. It sounds like that fish from finding nemo! That's a compliment js.. 

Yeah i guess a lot of people pronounce it wrong.. but its pronounced like this -> Door-el-E

Anonymous: Who do ship me with? , I have dirty blonde hair brown eyes obsess with music , anime , Doctor Who , and Sherlock Homles and I'm a little bit bigger than some other skinny girls and I'm really geeky! 

Ricky :)

Anonymous: Hey, can I have a ship? So I am short and skinny, i have medium length brown hair, hazel eyes and good sense of style. I am shy at first, but when I get to know sb I become crazy, I am funny, I LOVE music and traveling and I absolutely LOVE tall boys. Just wanted to add that your blog is absolutely gorgeous ❤️ 

Kian and thank you!!!

Anonymous: Ship me plz I'm 5 foot I have brown/red hair love singing being loud and the internet 


Anonymous: My name is Avery! I have really long golden brown hair. Big blue eyes. 5'4 and thin. Shy at first but really crazy when I get comfortable. 

Sam :)

Anonymous: Ship me?? I have medium length brown straight hair and I have bright blue eyes and I am obsessed with photography and Instagram and I really like singing and music(: 

Connor :)

Sorry for all the spam on your dash. I dont want to be mean and not do ships so yeah from know on I’ll ship you privately if you’re not on anon. Goodnight loves!! Its almost 11:30 pm and i have hell tomorrow…no i mean school… Wait no i was right, hell.